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About our association: Asgers Have


Are you interested in supporting the roof farm project by becoming a member of Asgers Have? Doing so just take a few minutes - see the following page for further details. The membership fee is 100 DKK per year.

Annual General Meeting

Asgers Have will hold its annual general meeting on Tuesday, April 26 2022 at 7pm in "Ildsjælehuset" (Naturcenter Amager, Granatvej 13, 2770 Kastrup). Click here for further details.



Nick Vikander

"Asgers Have will be a magical place. A place that gives back to the local community and supports the many people working hard to build a better and greener city."

Nick Vikander has a PhD in economics and is an associate professor, local council member, and a proponent of a life-sized city - also in Ørestad!


Mira M. Cordsen

"We need green, aesthetic, pleasant, and quirky urban spaces that can act as extensions to our homes, and create the best conditions for life and community in cities."

Asgers Have will be the coolest place in town!

Mira is a local Ørestad nerd interested in urban space and sustainability. She is also an independent businesswoman with a Masters' in Experience Design.


Andreas Petersen

"Copenhagen is growing, and is home to more and more of us - let's use the space we have more creatively. A roof farm in Ørestad will create green urban space for the benefit of all, both visitors and residents."

Andreas is a member of the Amager Vest local council, and is strongly committed helping make Copenhagen a climate-friendly city, full of urban nature.


Anne Strandsbjerg Brendstrup

Anne is the force behind the proposed cooking school in Ørestad Syd. She has a burning interest for food, people, and education, which will be the focal points of Ørestad Cooking School.

"People need to meet, and food can bring them together in a common sensory experience and help start a common conversation."

Anne has a Masters' in Educational Sociology, and is a teacher, local resident, and big Ørestad fan.



Sissel Friisgaard


Katrine Nørgaard

"Sustainability is a key word for our common future. In Asgers Have, I dream of creating a regenerating natural environment where 2+2 is much more than 4"

Katrine is self-employed, specialising in movement and sustainability in the body. As a local resident for almost 10 years, nature in particular is an important focal point for us here in Ørestad.

Statutes of the Association