Political support 🇩🇰DK

In March 2021, the majority of parties in Copenhagen City Council expressed their support for our roof farm project as part of the Spring mini-budget (the so-called overførselssag). In a statement of intent, the parties agreed to engage in dialogue with By & Havn and our project team as to how to help move the project forward, in the lead-up to the 2022 budget. However, so far there is no agreement on financing.

The Copenhagen Municipality's budget agreement for 2022, published on September 9 2021, allocated over 8 million in funding to the Asgers Have roof farm project (free translation):

"The parties have agreed to allocate funds to establish and operate a roof farm on the roof of the parking garage on AsgerJorns Allé. The funds are allocated:

- DKK 0.6 million in total in 2022 and 2023 for a preliminary analysis.

- A total of DKK 7.4 million in 2023-2026 for construction of a roof farm.

- DKK 0.5 million in service in 2026, and DKK 0.9 million per year as of 2027"

Asgers Have, with the first roof farm on the island of Amager, would help fulfil the vision of Municipal Plan 2019, which is the overall plan for Copenhagen's physical development.

The municipal plan describes how Copenhagen should focus on the development and establishment of more green roofs, to improve quality of life and biodiversity.

"Copenhagen Municipality aims to establish more green roofs, that can support rainwater management, CO2 uptake, bee hives, vegetable cultivation, accommodation, social events, animal husbandry, and catering. ” (Free translation from Municipal Plan 2019)