Results from Citizen Involvement🇬🇧DK

From April 19 – May 3, 2021, we carried out a survey asking people to express their views on which elements to include as part of Asgers Have. That is, what would people most like to see on top of the parking garage? The answers will help inform us as we move forward in developing a concrete proposal for the layout of Asgers Have and take steps to secure funding.

Overall, the responses suggest a high level of engagement with the project, as seen both from the high number of responses (319 in total) and the high number of original suggestions that people made. There was interest in a wide range of local activities on the roof, while at the same time it was some of the simplest functions that garnered the greatest support. For example, having space to sit and meet with others, and being able to eat at a roof-top restaurant or cafe.

To read a short rapport about the survey results, please click here. To see detailed data from the survey, please click here.

We are also carrying out short interviews, either online or in person, where citizens can tell us more about their vision for the project. Read the result from Interview 1 here, from Interview 2 here, and from Interview 3 here. The latter two interviews are in Danish.

Would you like to schedule a short interview to share your ideas about Asgers Have? Then please write to us at