Annual General Meeting 🇩🇰DK

Asgers Have will hold its annual general meeting on Tuesday April 26 2022 at 7pm.

The general meeting will be held in i 'Ildsjælehuset' at Naturcenter Amager, Granatvej 13, 2770 Kastrup (se Here you will get the chance to hear from about the rooftop farm project and also to get involved. All are welcome!

The agenda for the general assembly is set out in (in Danish) the statues of the voluntary association Asgers Have. An unofficial translation is as follows:

1. Election of chairman for the meeting and vote counters

2. Report of the Board

3. Presentation of the financial statements for approval

4. Setting of the membership fee

5. Proposals received from members

6. Proposals for action plan and budget

7. Election of the members of Board and alternate

8. Choice of the auditor

9. Other business

Proposals from members to be dealt with under point 5 must be submitted to the Board at least 14 days before the General Assembly, i.e. no later than April 12 2022 by e-mail:

All members aged 15 and over who have paid their membership fees by March 27 2022 are entitled to vote at the General Assembly.

Please register by April 19 2022 so that we know how many will come: on the Facebook event page or