What is Asgers Have? 🇩🇰DK

Visualization: Lendager Group, architect Vilius Thorsgaard Frølunde Vizgaudis

We envisage a variety of elements on the roof that will complement one another, and together make it a special place to be.

While we continue our dialog with relevant parties, there is currently no agreement about location, financing, or design for the project. Nonetheless, the visualization above, and description below, are meant to give a sense of our wishes.

Asgers Roof farm

Our inspiration comes from ØsterGro, with raised beds for growing produce, and the possibility to sell weekly food boxes to local residents with "roof-produced" vegetables, honey, eggs, etc.

"Elses" Restaurant

The restaurant will be a key feature of the neighborhood's main street, Asger Jorns Allé, and generate life and activity. Our goal is that the restaurant, in combination with the roof farm and cooking school, will give back to the local community all year round.

Ørestad Cooking School

Ørestad Cooking school will offer cooking course and events for companies and private individuals. The courses will have different themes to attract people in different age groups and with different interests. The cooking school will aim to be a local gathering place for food enthusiasts, who want to learn and cultivate their passion.

Community Gardens

Our idea is that raised beds will also be available to local residents to grow their own vegetables. For example, in collaboration with 'Amager Urbane Haver' who currently have their own community gardens in the area. Their members could use the raised beds in Asgers Have in a few years time, when building activity begins in the area they currently use along Hannemanns Allé.

Outdoor Urban Space

The roof will include a larger open area where people can gather, as well as smaller demarcated niches with benches, chairs, and canopies.

Indoor Space

A pavilion or orangery with the character of a lecture hall could be the setting for meetings and events. Inspiration could be found from the dome at Grennessminde, just west of Copenhagen.

Fish and Animals

We would like to see bees and chickens that produce honey and eggs for the restaurant, cooking school, and produce boxes. In addition, a "Borrow-a-chicken" scheme could be run for local residents, similar to the one set up by Miljøpunkt Østerbro. We also envisage a small lake on the roof with fish.

Green Staircase and Path

The parking garage will have an external staircase, leading visitors up from the street to the roof (as seen in 'Bjerget' by BIG and Lüders P-hus in Nordhavn). In this way, the visitor experience will already start at street level. The staircase will lead to a green path on the roof, that will connect the different elements of Asgers Have together.