In the group "Samskab Ørestad", we collected creative suggestions and ideas and built them in the Minecraft computer game. The idea was to involve in particular children in the creative process and let their work provide inspiration for possible elements of the real-life roof farm. The group was established with the support of Amager Vest Lokaludvalg.

You can also read more in Ørestad Avis: "Byg Asgers Taghave i Minecraft"

Below you will find some glimpses of the finished project of the Minecraft roof farm. More pictures are available here: drive.google.com/.../19rbe7gWwMxAog1nECLxsnksSF5H...

To see the dynamic map of the roof directly in Minecraft, see: If you move your mouse out to the right on the screen, you can see the map in 3D.

The project of Asgers Have in Minecraft is now coming to an end and we would like to thank all those involved for their attention and support. The platform Samskab Ørestad will remain online, in case there are other local initiatives that want to use Minecraft for citizen engagement.